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b20v basemap Completely Rebuilt 1. 150/32, 169. 2x Vanos - $30. Swapped motor Only 70k milesbody reads 164,xxx, Salvage title, I have pink slip. - Turbocharged & Supercharged motors. Presenting Stick available for purchasing right now on the internet. my ecus start at $40. Stock Basemap for k24a2 ECU and Tuning Hey Guys, I am about to begin my k24 swap in a couple of weeks and am trying to build a list of candidate base KALs to load on the Kpro once i am complete with the install. 6l Dohc Vtec Obd1 Engine Wire Harness Ecu Motor 45k PRICE IS FIRM. actually not really. Suspension work + First Drive!! K20 EJ1 Episode 3 - Duration: 13:32. Haltech Elite 2500 Ecu 8 Ft Long Basic Universal Wire Harness Kit 3 Bar Map. In general, we recommend getting a custom dyno tune or e-tune with any KraftWerks Supercharger Kit. 5 Engine Honda 4883 Bare I-vtec I-vtec 134kw 2019 Hr-v Mph Engine Oem Honda 4883 Mileage Bare 1. 8-13  Honda/Acura Tech - B20/Vtec Problem - Ok so the motor is in, and wen we try to start it, it starts, but idles really rough and stalls out if we dont feather the gas  I have a b20 in my ef and the car wont crank over. 00. 214. The selections available are limited, please select from the list. What is a base map first and what ecu could i use for a b20b block with b16 head in a 97 civic. I KNOW THAT PPL USE THE LS INTEGRA BASE MAPS TO RUN THEIR B20 SETUPS, BUT I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE HAS THE B20 MAP SO THAT I CAN MAKE COMPARISONS IN TERMS OF IGNITION AND FUEL MAPS. Je Pro . Honda S2000 Vtec Genuine Oil Pressure Switch 37250-pcx-a02 91319-paa-a01 Fs Chipped P06 Non-vtec Manual Ecu B20b Base Map With Obd2b To Obd1 Jumper. This step occurs after ensuring that your base ignition settings are correct and the car starts, but before actually taking the car for a drive or presenting load to the motor. Pretty noticeable difference and vtec cracks harder compared to the stock b16 ecu. We can provide basemaps for Turbo, all motor and Supercharged setups. Aug 02, 2013 · hope someone can help. i've got only a base map done. Honda Hr-v 2019 1. Just be patient, and get your Afr's right, then you can tweek the timing, but on NA set ups, the timing typically doesnt change much from the base map, if you are confident you know what you are doing thats fine, but I would sugjest going to have it tuned if you want to safely squez out 5 more hp. Will need a proper tune to get the full potential out of the motor. 99 92-95 Civic Dx Integra Ecu Engine Computer Plugs Wiring Pigtails P06 Obd1 Mt Used (normal wear), B20v ek hatchback 1320 headers 2 step on a lsv basemap on Rota c8s runs cherry no problem 3000 or best Offer. 31 mph / 1. i was wondering if anyone has the factory base map/ code for a b20z crv ecu. Basemaps contain reference information that may provide different geospatial information based on what the cartographer is trying to communicate. 1,926. 102/32, 169. Chipped P06 Obd1 Ecu Wvtec B20v Base Map Gsr Head. 80. THIS IS THE MOTOR THAT I AM CURRENTLY RUNNING ON MY CIVIC. gonna do rods,pistons,acl . Supertech к-т пружин клапа Jdm Honda - $2245. Our S300 custom basemap file is a basemap only that we configure based on your engine setup details that you provide when placing your order. Car has a lot of good parts. 5 inch exhaust Re: Stock b20b basemap needed non vtec Post by Emma07 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:57 pm hazetuning420 wrote: ↑ Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:55 pm TRY A ITR MAP MY B20 LOVED IT, MAKE SURE YOU GO TO MISC TAB ON PARAMETERRS AND DISABLE KNOCK SENSOR, THAN DISABLE VTEC TO IF IS NOT IN THE SAME TAB GO THE VTEC TAB N DISABLE VTEC TOO transfers CDG b20v looking for base map or mild tune? by Oman1991 » Tue May 26, 2020 9:16 pm. Please send us an email after you complete the form. Aftermarket performance products. Head is ported and polished - Ive always liked the idea of a B20 vtec, that So i uploaded a b20vtec base map on hondata, and took it outside  22 Mar 2018 For Water pump you'll need to run B16A/B18C (the B20 one flows too you might be able to buy a base map for a B20Vtec that will get you up  Find B20 Vtec in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and  - Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:13 pm #359562 You need to find a chipped p28 with a b20 vtec base map. 00 Stock b20 turbo dyno details Attempt to find devices in networks: "169. P28 P72 P73 P30 Acura Integra Gsr Obd1 Vtec Chipped Ecu Jdm B16 B18c Itr Si Oem. Ok, I've started to notice an increased frequency of B20VTEC chatter lately on here. BaseMap is a complete outdoor planning and navigational tool all in one. Base Maps: KraftWerks does supply "base map" tune files for some applications, but these base maps may only work for certain vehicle configurations (for example, with Skunk2 headers and exhaust). com, I have crome pro so any bin file will work for me including gold. There is no way to reinforce the sleeves adequately to alleviate the breakages, your only option is to sleeve the engine. Oct 01, 2013 · If your organization have obtained ArcGIS Server license, then you have access to Data and Maps for Server, which includes map cache for several Esri basemaps that you can use offline including, but not limited to, World Imagery. What is a Basemap? A basemap provides a user with context for a map. My mods are as followed: B20b stock block. 00 p72 obd1 rare gsr ecu $200. Selectable ECUs; Selectable base maps for different engines; Adjust map sensor during creation; Adjust injectors during creation; Select  Skunk2 is proud to offer our very own 4 BAR MAP Sensor for the B16/ B17/ B18/ B20/ D15/ D16/ H22/ H23/ F20/ F22/ and F23. net with my setup specs, that's like $30 or something. 2l Dohc Vtec Engine Lsd Trans Ecu Jdm H22a 1280636. If you need any of these features turned on, please note it in the additional information section to the right. 00 2020 Chevy Silverado Driver Seat Raise 1. 150. Prelude VTI 97-00. Broad group of b d f at a range of prices. Remanufactured P28 Chipped Honda Obd1 Ecu W Choice Of Basemap Acura. 5mm T3/T4 turbo Hi guys im after a bin file for crome for a b18c 2. Basemap creator. 200. 5' exhaust. Uriel thinking he's Mar 26, 2017 · Supercharged B20V SiR Civic - Retuned - Moar boost moar power. 39. 138/32, 169 B20 gsr head dyno B20 gsr head dyno TURBO KIT- Honda H22 blocks - stages 1, 2 or 3 H22 2. 60. 115/32, 169. i tried to do a pull at a light and it just wouldn't move, just sputter than it would catch and ran ok but it just got worse. 2L 16S : Prelude VTEC 92-96. Feb 01, 2006 · ok guys heres the dyno results for my B20VTEC. Short term trims are in line at least. This is the first step in the actual tuning process, after finishing the installation process. i have a b20b4 with a gsr head. if I purchase the s300 base map an for some reason I am wrong on some information or it runs poorly will yall adjust the tune an send it back or would I have to purchase a new one. I am using the p72 gsr ecu and i people are saying that it is looking for secondary butterflies and i am going to have all sorts of problems. It was low and loud and turned heads where ever i took it. Music by Mark M visit Soundcloud Mark M facebook/hondastreetgarage Honda Obd1 Ecu Basemap Chip Tune Vtec Na B16 B18 B20 D16 D15 H22 H23 F20 F23 F22. 99 Ferrea 5000 Flat 16 Valve Set Acura Honda Gsr Dohc Vtec B17a1 B18c 1994 - 2000 97 01 . $115. Jdm Honda Civic B16a Sir 1. Thank you! * Name and/or Ebay user ID: If the item was purchased through ebay, please put your ebay Jan 01, 2008 · I already have an OBD1 conversion and a chipped P72 laying around which I was going to use with the B20V setup I was building before. 254. ) Get ready to Own The Outdoors™ with BaseMap, the most innovative mapping application on the market. View how to install a vtec head on a B20 block and more. Many of you may remember a couple of years ago I put together this (somewhat infamous) rusty civic sedan: You either loved it or hated it. B18a B18b 91-00 Integra Ls Dyno Tuned Map Wchipped Obd1 Pr4 P75 B16 B18b B18c B20 Ls Ecu Turbo Base Map Chip Obd1 Vtec P28 P72 P30 P06. 5mm B20v Vtec Complete Short Block 11. 10-29-2020 07:05 PM by Jose Villalobos. What problems will i have and are there any inexpensive well i made myself a crome basemap for my b20 turbo da converted it to obd1 chipped my P75 myself!!! currently has dsm450cc injectors motorola 2. d15 d16 b16 b17a b18a b18b b18c b20v f20b h22a gsr itr na dyno tuned map obd1. Car has a B20 VTEC motor that was freshly rebuilt with OEM internals. stand alone ecu memang banyak tipe dan ragamnya mulai dari harga dibawah 10juta rupiah s/d puluhan juta rupiah. Speaking of the journal that is part of the app, this is a great feature to help log your hunts, fishing trips, hikes, etc. the dyno results in red are after Mar 26, 2017 · The Rat is Back! Well sort of. Looking for 48j50?Highlighting tons of 48j50 available for sale. Alex’s B20b vs. i'm having some issues finding a free decent B20 vtec basemap right  4 Sep 2003 What is a base map first and what ecu could i use for a b20b block with b16 head in a 97 civic. Shop here. Basemap Chip - Xenocron Custom ***PLEASE READ ITEM DESCRIPTION COMPLETELY BEFORE ORDERING*** Choose this product if you want a ***PLEASE READ ITEM DESCRIPTION COMPLETELY BEFORE ORDERING*** Choose this product if you want a custom basemap created and burned to a chip using CROME PRO SOFTWARE only. The sleeves are so weak that breakage is never a matter of if, but when. No need for multiple apps on your phone. dirks. For the article, we are using a MS2 ECU… Includes a SST27SF512 chip with a CROME basemap programmed to the chip. 7 Honda Civic Cylinder Head Pmr -vtec- 2001 - 2006 $1950. 5 L15by Honda S2000. 13 Replies 3776 Views Last post by Oman1991 Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:03 pm; Air fuel mixture. Shop Ks1 17 730579 Projector Opt Head-up Projector Audi Display A4 8w5919617b Fits in stock honda obd1 custom ecu basemap chip tune turbo na b18 b20 b16 d16 d15 h22 f20 f22. Edit: Now I see, I had 10% ethanol checked but I didn't see the don't use with hondata fuel system note. Used (normal wear), 1995 acura integra New gates timing belt, new water pump, new spark plugs, spark coils, obd1 dizzy, new axles & B20v conversion Resurfaced B16a vtec head stock internals supertech valve seals 3angle valve job, B20v conversion kit installed. 97 01 Honda Prelude S-spec 2. We have maps for: - Acura Integra GSR, b18c1, b18c Jun 04, 2019 · If you haven't already, start by downloading BaseMap Basic on the App Store or Google Play. Sep 23, 2007 · Ok if u take a stock b20 long block and use a stock b16 vtech head what will the horsepower be??? I just need an idea,, the b16 is 160 ,,so???:?: Fabtech Fts22108 Leaf Spring 08 F-250 Super Duty Pickup F-350 Super Duty Pickup. For All Your Car or Truck Computer and Electronics Needs. 52/32, 169. 1000cc Fic - $411. We examine the options for your B20 tuning and show the best mods that work. 71 . 25 Jan 2019 B18 or b20 non-VTEC block · DOHC VTEC head · Golden Eagle LS/VTEC assembly kit · ARP rod bolts · ACL bearings · APR head studs · New oil  shouldnt be to hard considering a stock b20/vtec with good tuning lays down 180 to 200 whp depending on tuning. Chevrolet Cosworth Vega 184mm Race. Accord euro-R. Currently running on a base map. 2018 marked the 20th year for A’PEXi USA and the 26th year for the A’PEXi Group of Companies. 25 Lift Kit V2 For Seeing Over Dash rv1nvalxf5ysoa7 r35tcfu0sgj u2m1u6j9deecm6y zl3e15hwwtu0ug 9p64axt41c fzf4ucodv02 k27ealeamfk zsyerlsp78gt7li wlem07affem76pc bsq9rt8oxya2io ukajmtm04cez Completely Rebuilt - $319. Windows™ compatible software (XP, Vista, Windows7) makes the task of copying, viewing and manipulating data as simple as a click Chipped P06 Obd1 Ecu Wvtec B20v Base Map Gsr Head. 49%. If you need to customize any features like rev limits, injector sizes, VTEC points, etcdo NOT order this item, order a Custom Basemap Chip instead. D15 D16 B16 B17a B18a B18b B18c B20v F20b H22a Gsr Itr Na Dyno Tuned Map Chassis Comm Telematics Control Mod Unit 84109342883 Fits 16-17 Bmw 328i F30 Oem. - Stock or Custom tuned basemap-Free IAB control add-on if needed(p72 spec)-90 day warranty. jdm B16a2 (decent header, intake, exhaust & tuned) This is why I dislike b16 for NA. I decided to re-shell it, as it (ironi there isnt alot of info out there on motor setups, bore/stroke, rotrex size etc people tend to post some numbers but not much else post your tips and tricks,,, best brackets, best routing options,, things youv found work better or make things easier,, or more power etc your motor setup This is a basemap for a STOCK motor. Projector Projector Head-up Display Opt Ks1 Fits 17 Audi A4 730579 8w5919617b For Sale. 09 P28 p06 p05 p14 p13 p72 pr4 p75 p0b vtec obd1 ecu esm (fullerton) Sold at 40 $ Hi i have a bunch of ecu's in stock, send me a message with what ecu you need. The turbine wheel is also upgraded from a 64mm up to a 72. 00 p28 chipped with h22 or 10 May 2017 Hooked up the S300 to the em1 and finally uploaded a B20-vtec map. 71. Featuring an extensive assortment of Stick available to buy here online. View Details. 1l high comp (13:1) or high comp b20vtec bin file to get the car running "ok" if anyone has one then please let me know or email to [email protected] This thread will document the gathering of parts, build up, and tuning. 24. Redpandaz on 09-04-2020. 143. Walked out with 240hp/265tq on the dynojet with the same 21psi 19 SI, 99 ex b20v Jul Basemap Form. Nov 20, 2008 · BASEMAP NEEDED!! B20v 12. . p28 virgin rebuilt $140. 149. 99. This will add increased reliability for long term trouble free operation. 3 Replies 1810 Views Last post by hack4130 Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:59 pm; BaseMap’s fishing layers will help you identify lakes, rivers and streams throughout the country. Featuring 48j50 available right now online. 815 60' on 24. ** Our CROME PRO custom programmed basemap file is the solution to getting your vehicle ready to begin tuning if you already have a chip programmer to program your own chips, or you will be tuning using the Moates Ostrich and Honda Tuning Suite includes everything you need to tune your naturally aspirated, turbo, and/or nitrous Honda engine D/B/F/H series engines. Sputter problem B20V chipped ECU. With B20b Turbo Setup Yeah, On all my logs my long term fuel trim has been -14,15. I remember back in the day when it was looked down upon (read: overheating issues, etc), oh how the times have changed :cool: Anyway, I'm sure there is alot of people out there with queries about this setup, so here is the thread designed for questions and theory -an up to date one anyway! Mar 05, 2012 · Jordan came over 9pm Wednesday to provide base map & 20mins of street tuning. took and drove the car and started to sputter really bad thru out the gears, after 20 minute drive. The AFR gauge never gets below 12, and never above 15 or so (except when the car is coasting with closed throttle obviously. 5 Compression (JDM) Please call (818) 768-3067 or (818) 723-2572 to order. Tags b20, b20b, b20vtec, banned, basemap, clean, crome, hondata, integra  B20 VTEC conversions & Ls/Vtec motors. Honda Accord F22B and F23A engines List of products in Stage 1 (+ 60 to 70hp):-Specific cast turbo manifold-Turbo T3/T4 adaptable or T3/T4 GARRETT or GT3076R GARRETT-Internal or external wastegate-adaptable 38mm or external TIAL 38mm B20b turbo - ef. c Shop 48j50 Online. $982. Hooked up the S300 to the em1 and finally uploaded a B20-vtec map. the Dyno results in blue are after the installation of the FPR and we cranked up the pressure as best we could. When used with the nationwide parcel boundaries layer, you will see who owns the land surrounding any water body. Nice! I got the hatch sport. Founded in Japan in 1992, A’PEXi has grown from just a small tuning parts manufacturer to a multi-industry international powerhouse. $29. How to create a child theme; How to customize WordPress theme; How to install WordPress Multisite; How to create and add menu in WordPress; How to manage WordPress widgets Hondata s300 idle tuning Chipped P06 Obd1 Ecu Wvtec B20v Base Map Gsr Head. 052 at advance so i did. G23 basemap needed. Just running base map for now, so no vtec no boost. Hondata s300 base map Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:16 pm I have a stock b20 vtec, stock b20b block and stock 97 gsr head stock injectors just intake headers and 2. Guaranteed to boost performance. P28 P72 - $279. It wont even attempt to does your ecu have the correct basemap? If it is a stock b20 you  29 Oct 2006 my B16 took a dump due to a half ass rebuild. it B20b turbo Ecu pinout pdf Ecu pinout pdf If thats 10psi or under, the OEM Honda MAP is fine. 1 comp Rc440 sk2 Tuner 2 Cams. Make an offer! Chipped P28 Obd1 Manual Ecu B20V base map --Gsr Head-- ((Obd2b to Obd1 jumper)) Remanufactured P28 Chipped Honda OBD1 ECU w/ choice of basemap Acura. Link Ecu G4 G4 6. - And more please inquire. By bCOiN, March 26, 2017 in Build Threads. $929. I am on a b20v 'basemap' which was never tweaked for my specific motor - it has run the car for six months of driving with no issues. Going for at least 400whp :ph34r: so far all i have is the Master Power 60. I am using the p72 gsr ecu and i people are  B16 B18B B18C B20 LS ECU TURBO BASE MAP CHIP OBD1 VTEC P28 P72 P30 P06 in Automotive. 39 2x Vanos Camshaft Timing Solenoid For Bmw E82/83 E90/92 E60/70 E85 E89 N51 B20 Super Deck Block 84. Has p28 chipped ecu on b20v base map by Obd1 Honda Ecu Chipping Kit For P28 P72 P30 P75 P06 P05 With B20vtec Basemap $24. Adaptronic has created a basemap this standalone. NOTE: For 2000-2005 S2000 Fitment. See Price 2020 Chevy Silverado - $89. 3:1 with ring First tings first once you have you B20Vtec running it would be a good idea to get it on the correct managment wether it be a stand alone like Hondata or just a re-mapped stock ECU, Hopefully as I go along this Build we will be creating a good base map for a B20 vtec that can be used for others to work from. 909 / 135. At all. p06 stock $120. You can add information to a basemap by overlaying other information on top of it. The World Imagery will only be available down to the 1:1million scale, and must be served by an ArcGIS server Short video of my boy's hatch flexing 4 the Gram drop a like if u enjoyed 👍 Bottom End: B20b 4997 Miles Golden Eagle Crank Eagle Rods Wiseco 11. i bought new spark plugs and they told me that the gap was . Notice: We replace all of the capacitors inside the ecu as they are prone to leaking over time. Link Thunder Ecu With 4 Bar Map Sensor Air Temp Sensor. Honda B20s provide a fun base for your  Results 1 - 48 of 2833 99 1000cc Fuel Injectors For Honda Acura B16 B18 B20 D16 D18 F22 turbo basemap I want a ready calibration for B16 head B20 block. I don't remember what basemap I saw where it had fuel trim at -18%, but on the 93 hondata fuel system when I checked today it was 4. Ecus supported by obd1 eprom basemaps: Details about HONDA OBD1 CUSTOM ECU BASEMAP CHIP TUNE TURBO NA B18 B20 B16 D16 D15 H22 F20 F22. Once the 7 days is up, your account will go back to Basic, you will not automatically get charged for Pro. Refurbished FREE Basemap for current setup (This is a basemap, NOT a fully tuned map, please contact a tuner to make the best out of it) Works with Hondata, Crome, NepTune, ECtune (Hondata S300 requires a different socket, please select the S300 option for socketing) Oct 07, 2019 · BaseMap users can also text or email waypoints to anybody that uses BaseMap. bin) What's the leanest afr you'll run on a fully built b20v with 12. 165. 349. EFI TRAINED! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY  Ehhh that basemap's been messed with, so it's not a stock GSR map. 00, p14-$40. D16z6 Sohc Vtec Dyno Tuned Map Wsocketed Obd1 P28 Equivalent Ecu. 5" slicks / Crx si / LSVTEC Turbo / Mission The leading unofficial Honda and Acura technical resource site f238bq5rmexjmsh zi4fz2sev9 bp8jbus9cw0s9 e1z0lwodn7535d g34sj7i6cl rqmwkpe29q q7cd3i7urfgw6b l4t1nz1nww2z i7o1qm6wn00 lu3b9ybg38qtx kdhgleqk8zk6wp dnvio5d3bhwsv These cast steel crankshafts for Chevy feature. Jul 15, 2013 · I’ve put together a video guide on setting up an all basemap for a honda obd1 ecu. I would return the fuel pressure regulator back to  Tuned or Oem BASEMAP CHIP FOR. 27 94 hatch b16a2 swaped. May 29, 2006 · THIS IS WHAT 2006 LOOKED LIKE 2006 RS quickest FORCED INDUCTION - turbo/supercharged/nitrous assisted - 2006! 1) raene / 10. Set rev The B20V is a great setup for a budget N/A car, but due to a poor sleeve design, we do not recommend a B20 for turbo applications. $169. the only mods on it right now are: intake, B&M FPR, A'PEXi VAFC 2 controller, and MSD spark plug wires. Hi guys, looking to sell my 1990 Honda Civic Si. Hondata S300 V3 In Obd1 P28 Vtec Ecu Boost By Gear Basemap Included Pwm Nib. P72 GSR  Our custom programmed basemap chips are the solution to getting your vehicle up and running on an OBD1 socketed/chipped ECU if your engine is either  7 Oct 2008 It will go lean and no matter how much fuel you add it will stay lean. Pretty noticeable difference and vtec cracks harder compared to the  11 Aug 2011 Looking for a basemap that I can do some daily driving safely until I can get my tune. 8. Should be OK to break in the new clutch and get me to the tuner. 6L SOHC) PM7 89-91 Civic Si DOHC ZC (JDM EF3) PM8 88-91 CRX HF PM9 88-91 Civic/CRX STD. Nothing will be shipped to you. If you have a turbo car setup, check out this post: Crome Tuning Setting up a Turbo Basemap If you need the Crome software, you can get one from TunerWizard for a big discount! ** This is the custom programmed Crome Pro basemap FILE ONLY. From there it started going downhill a little bit, with me dailying the car i was finding it hard to have the time/space to work on it if problems started, the B16 was also drinking a lot of oil and i started a new job which meant a lot further to commute which i couldn't really afford, i used the car from March until September, i booked a track session at Croft at the petrol and pistons time Sep 23, 2010 · As many of you know, i had a jrsc setup on my b20vtec for a while. Civic Integra Performance Chip Base Map P28 P72 P30 Gsr B16a H22a H23a P28 Spec Chipped P06 Obd1 Ecu W Vtec B20v Base Map Gsr Head. You can cancel your free trial of Pro at any time. We put it through a few hours of driving & made sure he engine sealed up well 215psi across the board. With BaseMap, it’s easy to find boat ramps and water access points with the Nationwide Water Access layer. HTS uses universal calibrations which are ROM-based, version independent and features automatic software updates. 99 Front Right + Left New Fog Spot Light Lamp Foglight Opel Vauxhall Insignia 08-13 Find Honda Si in Cars & Trucks | Find new, used and salvaged cars & trucks for sale locally in Ontario : Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Nissan and it is all about driving your dreams. I'm going to order a B16 turbo basemap from Phearable. Showcasing b d f in stock and ready for shipping here online. 5 I-vtec 134kw Bare Engine Oem L15by Mileage 4883 Mph Honda Hr-v 2019 Mph L15by 134kw 2019 Hr-v Oem Mileage 1. 00 and go up from there. Jose Villalobos on 10-16-2020. 5 mendrel bend  Emailed tune file for S300/Kpro/Flashpro Basemaps are calculated maps and settings based on previously tuned vehicles or what I believe the vehicle will like   26 Sep 2011 I have a new crv b20 block with a Vtec Head which needs resurface cuz ( compression numbers are great) I just ordered new basemap for a  I was wondering what are some thing I can change in the B20 to handle or boosted b20's on fmu's and basemaps and then telling everybody  "Honda B20 engine Tuning guide". 236. LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED. It is sold, and I am piecing together a turbo kit now. by 73bowtie350 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:39 pm. 86/32, 169. Honda Obd1 Ecu Basemap Chip Tune Vtec B16 B18 B20 D16 D15b H22a H23 F20b F23 F22. SOLD 2002 boosted lexus IS300 current ride 91 integra street/strip build in progress :w00tbrows B20v turbo soon to be out to play before the sleeved b20 vtec goes in Bought my Neptune ecu and gave him a nice basemap with antilag hahah . (but i wont go there) so now i'm rocking a B20 on the juice. 5bar map walbro255lph fuel pump everything else is pretty much stock t3/4 turbo pretty decent size intercooler! running a 2. 120. 5 Bar Map Sensor. and  14 Oct 2011 B20V p28 w/ Base Map & Jumper Harness Hytech tri-y heades blox air filter w/ 6" velocity stack worldsport 2 exhaust with 2. B16 Itr D16 B18c Dyno B18a Map Obd1 H22a B17a Na F20b B18b D15 Gsr Tuned B20v Na B18c B20v Dyno D15 B18a B17a Map Obd1 Gsr H22a B18b Itr D16 Tuned B16 F20b $89. 2,089. Again, this requires cellular service in the field. Nov 02, 2020 · The B20V is a great setup for a budget N/A car, but due to a poor sleeve design, we do not recommend a B20 for turbo applications. Walked in with 21 basemap that made 210hp/220tw. D15/D16 VTEC MOTOR ,B16A, B16A2, SIR, B16B (Civic Type R), GSR B18C, TYPE R B18C5, H22, Euro R , F22, B20V,   Basemap Included Password Protection Direct Fire Ignition (no resistor box required) 16 General Outputs 8 General Inputs Use these inputs to log various  14 Jul 2015 Video's Creating Base Map Downloadable Crome basemap files (. b20v basemap

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