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28mm colonial miniatures

28mm colonial miniatures Our Commission a Miniature service allows you to have your miniature created just for you! Still working away on my own, Adam is producing the Byzantines with 2 more commands to be added today. Modular South America/Colonial House 1 Regular price: $8. Today I received an unexpected but most welcome message from Richard at HLBC who remembered my interest and an old email query about his figures. Dec 25, 2014 · Photos from our group's Colonial era miniature wargame, set in North Africa, and using the Afriborea rules set, which is based on Command and Colors. We also have a comprehensive range of 350 different paints. Founded in the early part of the 17th century, it gradually extended its dominations over most of the region. 28mm Civilian or Refugees Featured Products. R. With his and my figures (I provided about 10% of the Zulus force) we had around 700 28mm Zulus and about a quarter of that number on the British side. Fistfull of Lead; Fistfull of Lead Galactic Heroes; Fistfull For games where I have multiple 28mm figures on a base (such as DBA/HOTT) basing goes something like this: Everything is 60mm wide as per the suggested frontages in the DBA/HOTT rules. View. All miniatures and models are supplied unpainted and require assembly and cleaning. 40. Chris Peers Rules - Sinister Laboratories. Attaching Unit Flags; Build a Bog; Ideas on Basing; 28mm Corn Fields; Wet Palette; Tufting it out; To Tree Or Not To Tree; Miscellaneous. 21 Jan 2020 My French and Indian War 28mm collection spans a lot of French and Indian War: British Colonial Militia from Kings Mountain Miniatures. Find great deals for ESSEX MINIATURES 25/28mm PAINTED & BASED COLONIAL MOUNTED MAHDIST CAMELRY X 5. Blitzkrieg Models 1/48th scale XAN Miniatures. Our large range features an impressive number of figures for English Cival War, Napoleonic, American Civil War and more! Perry Miniatures is run by well known 28mm sculptors Alan & Michael Perry. They are former sculptors of Foundry and Games Workshop. Major Miniatures Specializes in the design and distribution of fine-scale, 100% pewter historical miniatures… Unique Gifts and games Family Games, Miniature gaming of all kinds, Board Games, Collectible & Trading Card Games, Role Playing Games, Unusual Gifts, Doctor Who figures, Collectibles, Gems & Crystals, Candles, Books, Ghost For Sale: Large Desert Watchtower 28mm SOLD Price SOLD £65. Artizan Designs 28mm. The Black Tree Design Command Staff brings to the table over 75 years in the Miniature and Gaming Field. Why? Well, despite the name these miniatures are obviously based not on the Colonial Marines of Aliens fame, but on the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers. Decals - 28mm / 1/56th Decals for vehicles, infantry, etc. Hidden under their Accessories tab is a set of armed >>Turks 28mm >>Tlingit Indians 15mm >>South American Tupi 28mm >>Plantation Workers 28mm >>Powhatan Indians 28mm >>Ox Cart 28mm >>Naval Guns 28mm >>Mound Builders 15mm >>Maori 28mm NEW >>Innuit Indians >>Hawaiians 28mm >>Golconda Rising India 18th c 28mm >>Franco-Prussian War 28mm >>Brit. Jul 27, 2012 · Some years ago, probably sometime in 1999, I began working on a 28mm colonial adventure game set in the South Pacific. The figures are designed for wargamers, miniature figure painters and collectors of model soldiers. 28mm Colonial. Such as Taiping rebellion, Sino-Japanese war and into the Chinese civil war and as Bandits 1stCorps 6mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 15mm. Old Glory 28mm miniatures and 1/600th ships A large range of over 700 packs of Historical miniatures covering conflicts from Ancient Egypt to WW1. Industria 28mm; Commercia 28mm; Sci-Fi, Post-Apoc & Fantasy. (28mm). 1. Received the AVP (Aliens vs Predator) boxset from a friend, he had received 3 from the kickstarter but while talking to him over the proceeding months he never seemed to have the painting time, so for his birthday I painted him the figures so he could game with a painted set! M13/40 - 28mm 1/56 Scale Platoon . Future buildings for the MidEast series will include destroyed versions. Cannon Fodder Miniatures, 28mm Colonial (African jungle, Egyptian, Mahdist, Cape Wars ). com is your one stop source for all your miniatures, buildings, and accessories. 00 now $34. The American War of Independence. These figures will complete my ranger force now I will be moving onto some French forces. Fast delivery very well English Timber Framed 28mm; North Africa/Colonial 28mm; Old West 28mm; South of the Border 28mm; North American 28mm; Modern. 40k Armies Waterloo 1815 28mm Miniatures Metal Figurines British Colonial Figure Model Zulu Toy Soldiers British Army. These are members of the 10th Hussars with sabres, 28mm figures from Perry Miniatures. Alien #5 resin miniature, Aliens movie, by ArmyZone. Colonial Metal Miniatures Manufactures Size and Scale Compatibility Reviews. Colonial wargaming has always been one of our club's most popular periods and frankly, it doesn't get played enough  25 Mar 2011 I've already done reviews of Predators and Aliens in 28mm. For helpful hints on assembling and finishing MDF structures please click here for a tutorial video on YouTube. Castaway Arts, 28mm Colonial (Ashanti War, Egyptians). The Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 was an Italian World War II tank designed to replace the Fiat L3, the Fiat L6/40 and the Fiat M11/39 in the Italian Army at the start of World War II. 00 Welcome to the home of 28mm wargaming miniatures! We manufacture the world’s largest range of 28mm white metal miniatures for gamers, collectors, modellers and painters. Tiger Miniatures 28mm Wargames figures for the collector and wargamer. Perry Miniatures 28mm VLW-40 Zulus (Zulu War). Iron Ivan Games - Sinister Laboratories. Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Welcome to The Assault Group, the home of quality 28mm miniatures. Except for a few items where noted, BrigadeGames miniatures and ranges are 28mm. from Prodos Games. Miniatures in 25mm / 28mm Scale to Represent the Schutztruppe in Southwest Africa in 1904. Apr 26, 2015 · Having painted my first figure from Mutineer Miniatures range, and started the other ones I had bought, I decided to order enough for a The Sword and the Flame unit for the British. Products 1 - 40 of 1000+ Perry Miniatures 28mm Elite Companies French Infantry 1807-14 28mm Napoleonic; 28mm American Civil War; 28mm Colonial;  Sudan and NWF Campaigns in Miniature. Welcome to the Pulp Figures site! Whether you are a hardened veteran of the steaming jungles of Borneo, a renowned explorer fresh back from icy wastes of the high arctic, a grim visaged soldier of fortune used to the seedy alleys of Shanghai or a hard-boiled shamus with a bullet creased fedora; you've found the right spot. AWI Britsh army; AWI Continental army; DIY. Select a sub-category to view the items available. Sep 03, 2011 · Perry Mahdist Ansars 28mm colonial figures Every once in a long while you run across a model figure that goes beyond competent, exceeds skillful and transcends accurate. ALIENS movie 28mm Colonial Marines pack 5pcs +1 FREE figure. The Greeks called them the Getae. The only negative thing about Ponape was the cargo room needed to transport the game to gaming sites, as my own table was no longer big enough to field the entire terrain set. Figures are approximamtely 28mm Foot to Eye and all miniatures are metal. Death in the Desert. Home; Indian Cannon and Crew - Now Available! Contact Information; Indian Irregular/Light cavalry now available! Colonial - Supplier and retailer of Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures in the UK & Europe - the finest metal miniatures for tabletop wargaming - made in Australia, s Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight. Steve Barber Models produce quality wargames miniatures in 28mm, 10mm, and 40mm scales. 09. The pulse rifles from Mad Robot are great but a little oversized, so I’ve opted to use some 28mm pulse rifles from Shapeways. 28mm Gordon's Palace. Designed For Relicblade; Knighthaven 28mm; The Eternal Chambers 28mm; The Haven 28mm; The A. Confederate Forces; Scale Creep 18mm; Wild West. 00 $26. Comparing 28mm Miniatures Scales – Indians British Colonial Militia from Kings Mountain Miniatures British Grenadiers from Blue Moon Manufacturing, AW Miniatures and Conquest Miniatures British Light Infantry from AW Miniatures, Front Rank Figurines and Redoubt Miniatures British Regular Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing British Regular Find great deals on eBay for miniatures 28mm. The flags are from The Flag Dude and the figures are from various manufacturers such as: Perry, Fifie and Drum, etc. Fighting 15s is the sole supplier of 15mm Flags for AB , and also stocks white metal miniatures from Aude , Camelot Miniatures , Oddzial Osmy , Shadowforge Miniatures , and Scale Creep Miniatures , plus 28mm Flags and Miniatures. Feb 29, 2020 · French and Indian War: Comparing 28mm Miniatures Scales – British 1 Comment Looking across my couple hundred British metal models, they are reflective of the diversity of the British in North America of the 18th-century. 19 Format: STL (3D Model) This set contains enough part to make many house for the south american wars or for the colonial era. War Game Miniatures (28mm), Painted War Game Miniatures (28mm) Additional site Mar 21, 2013 · Camel Corps Command - 28mm British Colonial Sudan Sowe volunteered for this, right? Well, you can't have the Camel Corps without camels, right? This was another submission from the closing days of the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge - British Camel Corps Command, mounted, from Perry Miniatures' awesome 28mm Sudan figure line. 95 . 28mm Colonial & WWI. Sep 29, 2015 · More 28mm AWI: Colonial and British Reinforcements Here are some more units of 28mm AWI we did for a customer. The figures were sculpted by Francesco Marchesini and include Mussolini and General staff figures, infantry and support, cavalry, paratroopers, Italian SS, Alpini, Bersaglieri, Italian stormtroopers Aug 29, 2016 · My main Easter project was finishing the first of two 28mm buildings for a colonial skirmish siege game based on the Rorke's Drift experience - in essence replacing my existing scenery with something that looks the part. 28mm Colonial 1o Officer 10 German Marines 2 each of 4 Inf. Details about 28mm Foundry (Colonial Indian) Cavalry with Matchlock Muskets. Colonial mule drawn maxim gun and crew. This gives us the benefit of being able to do skirmishes for one colonial theater and larger, more operational level engagements in another. I have been painting and collecting for over 25 years, and I hope you like selection of figures on this site. War Game Miniatures (28mm), Painted War Game Miniatures (28mm) Additional site This is the 28mm Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons Plastic Model Military Figure Kit by Hat Industries Figures. MDF structures should stand up to years of gaming use. Results 1 - 24 of 578 28mm Scale Western Painted Miniature Cowboy Gunslinger Tabletop Ready. Quality white metal miniatures for wargames, figure painters and collectors Our figures are available in various scales including 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 28mm With ranges featuring historical and sci-fi – fantasy models Free Figure. 1/600th ships and 1/100th aircraft models. Retro Americana 28mm; City Block 28mm; Retail/Modern 28mm; End of the World 28mm; Sci-Fi. Watch this space for unique army  British Empire Colonial Wargaming Figures Blaze Away Miniatures (Cannon Fodder), 28mm, Australian Colonial, A very British Civil War (1930s), Ireland,  Tiger Miniatures 28mm Wargames figures for the collector and wargamer. German Revolution · Japanese · Misc WW2 - 28mm. The sprues contain militia wearing both 18th Century civilian clothes and the fringed hunting shirts “frocks” with buckskin trousers and moccasins. All our wargaming flags are available in your choice of size – 15mm, 6mm, 10mm, or 25mm. Price: $139. PGS 20 German 28mm French Chasseurs Action poses--thirty-two 28mm plastic figures Hat Industries Item Number: 28016 $15. perry, colonial 28mm, sudan, madhist, ansar, wargames factory, zulu, plastic figures, buy online at Great Escape 28mm Miniatures · World War II (28mm). Colonial - Supplier and retailer of Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures in the UK & Europe - the finest metal 100COL01 African captive male (28mm) £2. £3. Pre-Owned 20 x Painted 28mm Colonial British Cavalry. 09 $ 12. Business hours. Askari Miniatures: Specializing in colonial figures for several different European countries (and their opponents), Askari has some useful French figures for the Franco-Prussian War and both Turks and Russians for 1877. 28mm European Buildings; Colonial Riverboat. a This is one squad of Colonial Defense Force troopers. Inspired by the guys at Grimsby Wargames Society, I have been creating several armies for the colonial period in Egypt & The Sudan in 28mm, to use with Black Powder rules. The Rising Standard!! COLONIAL. 00 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Command--thirty-two 28mm plastic figures Hat Industries Mirliton SG :: 25/28 mm miniatures for collectors and wargames, Miniature gallery, Grenadier fantasy miniatures, Fantasy warriors Warlord games produces lines of 28mm miniatures for the armies of WWII Corgi & New Millennium Miniatures Die Cast AFV's 1/50 and 1/48 scale for 28mm WWII armies. First post just to get things rolling. 28mm scale barn building that would be great for many wargame and fantasy systems. P&P: + £69. the figures are SF2, they come in packs of 10 with 2 heavy weapons and 8 marines in 2 poses firing and advancing so based in groups you can get a good fluid mix of Superior line of 20mm and 28mm wargame figures sculpted in Italy by Pier Paolo Triglia well representing Italian Colonial adventures in Africa (Abbyssinia, Libya, etc. The first one I bought was from Perry Miniatures. P. BrigadeGames Ready-Ship. Bicorne Miniatures are suppliers of quality 28mm white metal miniatures to the home and commercial markets. 00 P&P . You’ll find it a lot easier to navigate as well as order from. (our 1:1250 aircraft range) Howard Hues Paints; Miniature World Maker (pre-painted scenery) Battleground (our buildings) JR The 28mm Mandalorian. System Sci-Fi 28mm Nov 23, 2020 · Home » Browse » Eureka Miniatures » 28mm » Colonial : Colonial : Price per figure. This post deals only with options for the Schutztruppe (seebataillon, naval landing parties and native auxiliaries will be addressed in subsequent posts). H36 Horses: British Colonial: Galloping. Add Add. 1cm wide by 4. Strategia eTattica. Products 1 - 22 of 22 they compared with my existing Perry Miniatures & Wargames Foundry figures (that make up the vast bulk of my 28mm Colonial armies),  Lead Adventure, Boxer Rebellion, British Colonial, Toy Soldiers, 18th, Powder, 28mm Miniatures, Fantasy Miniatures, Types Of Armor, Plastic Toy Soldiers,  Hawaiians. uk 20mm 28mm accessories Acheson Creations alternative armies Angel Barracks baccus badger games Brigade Models Butlers' Printed Models CP Models croms anvil Fantasy Flintloque gamecraft miniatures gaming enhancements Gringo40s historical Iliada Game Studio Meeples & Miniatures modern Napoleonics New Release Oct 11, 2017 · The company covers whole swathes of history and produces miniatures in two sizes, the more ‘traditional’ 25mm and the more ‘contemporary’ 28mm. Labels: 13th foot, 28mm, redoubt miniatures, sudan, zulu wars. 28mm HILL TOP VILLAGE. 00. I tried my hand at the odd piece of armour artwork and used decals for extra detail. "The Tiger Miniatures Spanish-American War line (in 28mm) includes Rough Riders, American Infantry, 9th and 10th Cavalry, Spanish in slouch hats, in sun helmets, Cuban Civil Guard, Cuban Rebels and Moros. The West African State of the kingdom of Dahomey (17th- 19th century) is now the southern part of Benin: its capital was Abomey. suitable for action in Germany's African and South Pacific colonies. In addition to our popular and ever expanding 40mm catalog. 28mm Zombie: Deadlier Than The Male: WEIRD AT WAR : Alternative WWII: 25/28mm PROHIBITION WARS: 28mm MAXIMILLIAN 1934: Miniaturemen Miniatures: Wayne's World Of Wonder: Rogue Miniatures / Wayne's World: Winter of 79 Living on the Frontline: 20mm: 28mm: Forgotten Front Miniatures 28mm: Great War of the Worlds: Setting The East Newline Designs 5 Wootton Drive Wooburn Green Buckinghamshire. 75. Arab Castle / Hill Fort 28mm Scale. battlefront miniatures; battlescale resin buildings and scenery; blitzkrieg miniatures; colonial & 19th century wars; conflix scenery; dapol & trackside scenery; deezee miniatures; dice & accessories; emhar kits; evergreen plastics; expo tools; expo tools - special order; fire forge games; footsore miniatures; future history; gamers grass Features miniatures and accessories in scales ranging from 2mm to 54mm, from a variety of periods and eras. Home / 15mm and 28mm Ancients to WW2 Miniatures / 28mm Plastic Colonial figures. 28mm resin models and terrain buildings for miniature wargaming. War Game Miniatures (28mm), Painted War Game Miniatures (28mm) Additional site A company that provides 28mm Hand Made Metal Models for Wargamers, Modellers, Collectors and Painters. I generally use 1. 28mm Boxer Rebelion These figures are for the Boxer rebellion 1898-1901, but could be used for a much wider period. Troops. 99 for the buildings and $69. At Unfeasibly, we design & produce highly accurate, true scale (1/56) 28mm miniature lead-free pewter figures for wargamers, modellers and collectors, we also have a range which comes with a license for Commercial use. WWII 28mm British tank ridersMortar crews Sherman Firefly by Warlord Games. Quantity: Products 1-1 of 1 28mm German Colonial, German colonial, 28mm German Colonial miniatures, 28mm, 28mm German Colonial figures, There is a difference between our miniatures and other historical 28mm miniatures. 20mm Road Warriors Wargames Factory was a plastic miniature manufacturer that opened in 2007. Oshiro miniatures are brand new from this company. These are high quality buildings that can be used in gaming, Christmas Villages, and just to collect. A range of white metal and resin Ships, guns and figures in 28mm scale. These are perfectly scaled for 15mm gaming and could be rescaled easely for 10mm or 28mm gaming. The inclusion of these minis in a CM review was something that required a bit of pondering. 15mm British Army · 15mm French  28mm British Colonial Perry Miniatures 28mm VLW-20 British Infantry 1877- 1881 (Zulu War). Mar 25, 2017 · Victoria Miniature 28mm VSF; 28mm Colonial Japanese miniature; Askari 28mmColonial miniatures; How Viking really fought. See more about the range on our BLOG and our BLOG here plus painted BLOG Focused upon the creation of fantastic white metal miniatures and vehicles for 6mm science fiction war Mad Robot Miniatures 28mm Smart Gunner: 28mm Aliens vs Predators Colonial Marines: 28mm Colonial Marines Aliens "They cut the Power!" 2019/02/24 03:01:20 Astounding 28mm Miniatures by Bob Murch, 2-FISTED SCULPTOR OF CHOICE FOR MANLY ADVENTURE GAMERS AROUND THE GLOBE German Colonial Maxim Guns. Foot, for the most part, are on 40mm deep bases, but some are on 60mm deep bases. Click on any of the red links below to be taken to a page with more details. The Ruined City; Burrows & Badgers 28mm; Gaslamp Alley 28mm Colonial Miniatures | 28mm Miniature Figures - Askari Minis, Quality 28mm figures for Colonial and WWII gaming Welcome to the Askari Minis web store! We sell our figures almost exclusively online to bring you the best service possible, world-wide. Updated 14th November 2020. Not all off them are appropriate for war gaming the Herero war of 1904, however, and not all of them are still in production. 99-$39. 28003CB Frontline Sentry Post. Based with cleaned sand, primed with acrylic polyurethane. Suitable for any WWII battlefield Knuckleduster Miniatures . Colonial 6 mule mountain gun and Indian army crew. 5 inches (4cm) Resin model supplied with two ramps (closed and open). AD: Early New Kingdom Egyptian: Early Swiss: ECW/TYW (Former Testudo) First Crusade: Frankish/Norman: Gasgans/Anatolian Highlanders: Germans, 3-7th C Ironclad Miniatures Some really nice 28mm Steam Tanks! J & T Miniatures Bicorne, Stockades and Settlements, Merrimack & more. This page is primarily concerned with those figures available for gaming colonial battles of the 19th and early 20th century. 1,127 likes. Colonial Gatling gun and crew. 28mm Aliens: Colonial Marines. Streets of Rome 28mm; Dark Ages 28mm; Japan 28mm; Mediterranean 28mm; Old Europe 28mm; English Timber Framed 28mm; North Africa/Colonial 28mm; Old West 28mm; South of the Border 28mm; North American 28mm; Modern. The Dacians were a Warlike people living in and around the Carpathian mountains. 28mm Arab Pirate Corsair Rivals Colonial Miniatures Zulu Wars and Sudan miniatures painting. Oct 01, 2014 · Perry Miniatures colonial New Zealand Wars figures Ah ha … the risk of my tragic demise by what is known to wargamers as ‘death by loss of lead mountain’ (see my previous post ) may have been averted. Old Glory 28mm. C5 above shown deployed Mar 25, 2011 · 1st Corps Miniatures Colonial Troopers. The miniatures are in 28mm scale, highly detailed and meticulously researched. Something a bit different for us - a small range of 28mm historical figures for the Great War. Suite 210 Evanston, IL Details about 28mm Foundry (Colonial Indian) Cavalry with Matchlock Muskets. Nov 09, 2020 · In an interesting development, Khurasan Miniatures has launched a Medieval range in 28mm! Available now are Late 12th Century knights wearing full mail without surcoats. The following is a list of all the 28mm figures I could find that are made for 19th Century conflicts. 13th-century 25mm 28mm 100-years-war agincourt american-civil-war ancient ancient-macedonian-successors antigonid arthurian bactrian-greek barding-kits Battle-flag british cataphracts CHinese chinese-little-bigmen-studios companions crecy crusades curteys-miniatures dark-ages-2 dux-bellorum dux-britanniarum early-medieval early-saxon feudal Knuckleduster Miniatures. Knuckleduster Miniatures manufactures game miniatures of the highest quality. 99 Bundle price: $7. There are a number of manufacturers offering German Colonial troops in 25mm or 28mm scale. Huge 28mm Sudan Paddle-Steamer Gunboat model! Renedra Limited These are the guys that produce all the plastic 28mm accessories like bases, tents, barrels, etc, sold by Perry Miniatures, Warlord Games, and so on, and the Perry Miniatures plastic North American Buildings… Pulp Figures Home . Colonial 4 horse supply wagon. 25mm/28mm Miniatures for Post-War and Modern Conflicts. Jul 02, 2020 · 28mm scale Colonial miniatures. The 10th Hussars fought in most of the major engagements of the early part of the Sudan campaign. Jeff Valent Studios Victorian civilians figures amongst other items. 05. Our Products. All our figures are hand-cast from top-quality metal and rigorously inspected before despatch. 7 out of 5 stars 11. 2 cm tall and easily accommodate a figure on a standard 20mm base in the opening. +44 (0) 1628529352 COLONIAL STEAM LAUNCH 28mm MDF Sarissa Precision G061 Perry Miniatures ZULUS! 1877-81 28mm 28mm Colonial & WWI. Welcome to Askari Miniatures! We bring you the best-looking 28mm Colonial Miniature Figures of different countries. Some of them are so small you can hardly see them, but I suppose it all helps with the personalised graffiti look. In this I was inspired by the building plans at Paul's site here. We are a producer of 1/72 and 1/32 scale soft plastic and 28mm hard plastic military miniatures and pre-painted 60mm metal miniatures. 09 28mm European Colonial Wars 28mm European Wars (32) 28mm Victoriana, Edwardian & Darkest Africa (21) Manufacturer. I have avoided those ranges which are "near future" ranges intended for the sci-fi/zombie market, and focused on ranges of interest to historical miniatures wargamers. Mar 01, 2013 · More Colonial Sudan stuff for this submission. £24. 00 EU: £12. 20 Nov 2020. 28004CB Sandbag Corner  28mm scale Metal Miniatures of 1st Century Roman Primus Pilus, Signifer and Tribune. Apr 08, 2012 · Sudan Colonial forces in 28mm And now for some Empire and Mahdist troops to add to the growing collection Fighting over the fort in the last post will be an array or forces from the armies of the British Empire and the Mahdists. £11. 00 + P&P . ARAB FORT/SMALL PALACE 28mm : EXAMPLES OF OUR HANDMADE WORK. Rated for insertion on any enemy-held world or moon via a HEL/DIV drop pod, the Hell Divers have earned their reputation in almost every corner of the Galaxy. The Colonial Marines' platoons are broken down into two sections of two squads each, lead by a Lieutenant. co. Below is a listing of 25mm/28mm miniatures for post-WWII and Modern conflicts. Prices subject to change without notice. We've got excellent Steam Tanks, well-known character figures, interesting martians and even some regular historical troops like the Colonial British and Prussians. 4Ground Miniatures: 28mm Colonial Fort. The figures are contemporary 28mm, and the sculpting is very nice. and we have started on some new 28mm Colonial Abyssinian Masters. : CMM03 Set contains 4 x 28mm scale metal miniatures (The Gumshoe, The Client, The Egyptian, The Fat Man and a 'black figure of a bird') A collection of 25mm plastic miniatures depicting characters in the popular sci-fi film series - Alien, Predator and AVP for table-top war gaming, dioramas, etc | Check out 'Aliens, Predators & Colonial Marines Miniature Collection' on Indiegogo. Empires at War Buildings Mick Wilson of EMPIRES AT WAR produces a great line of 28mm WWII Normandy Pre-painted buildings and ruins. $12. All in Stock - all sets come unpainted alloy contains lead. Spies and Patriots. COL 11 and BHS 18. At Unfeasibly Miniatures, we design & produce highly accurate, true scale (1/56) 28mm miniatures for wargames, modellers, collectors and commercial use. Colonial 6 horse field gun + limber. 28mm Sikh Wars; Boxer Rising; Lost African Mar 09, 2009 · I recently ordered some sample figures from Al Maurer at Askari Miniatures as I was looking at using some of his ranges and wanted to see how they compared with my existing Perry Miniatures & Wargames Foundry figures (that make up the vast bulk of my 28mm Colonial armies), and to get a feel for how they compared to Gerry Webb’s Castaway Arts Wargames miniatures, figures and model soldiers in various scales - 40mm 28mm 25mm 15mm 10mm. Wargaming figures are available from a variety of manufacturers, the number of which has been steadily increasing over the years. These figures would be Stonehaven Dwarf Blacksmith Miniature Figure (for 28mm Scale Table Top War Games) - Made in USA. 28mm Arab Pirate Corsair Sgt. ), as well as both World Wars. Aero (1:1250 aircraft) 617 Sqn. I think the basestars are all identical. Aug 27, 2020 · It also includes unit bases and an information sheet with 8 flags. 28mm 79th Highland infantry including command . . I have been getting a lot of emails as to when packages will arrive, the answer is I do not really know but it appears to be around 7-10 days within the UK(sometimes much quicker), 3 weeks to Australia, New Zealand and the US with European orders around 14 days all from date of posting. Colonial marines painted in urban camouflage, keeps the overall theme going, grey base coat with flecks of urban colours with dark grey and blue armour which looks quite cool. Mad Robot : - 28mm Heroic Sci Fi Figures 28mm Heroic Post Apoc Parts 28mm Heroic Conversion Bits Gift Certificates Custom Squad Builders Requiem ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping Fireforce Miniatures. We also feature four 28mm ranges: extensive ACW and French and Indian War ranges, and limited Napoleonic and Seven Years War ranges. Jan 16, 2018 · 28mm Colonial Belgian Sudan Expedition Posted on January 16, 2018 February 25, 2018 by jklingman For exibition today we have the first of two factions slated for our Congo-rules-powered Egyptian tomb-raiding game at Pensacon in late February: the Belgian Expedition. 5-2x the number of suggested models in the DBA/HOTT rules. Some Mad Robot Miniatures Colonial Marines Take Two! These newer models from Mad Robot have the shoulder lamps cast separately now and the grenades on the torso have more detail. I've added some static grass, a few tufts, and some barrels and crates, I hope you like the finished pictures Perry Miniatures- 28mm Colonial. COVID-19. This package is designed for use with figures in the 25-28mm scale. 1 in) range, but did other scales as well. Results 1 - 24 of 1488 Get the best deal for Warlord Games Miniatures & War Games Warlord Games AWI Mini Loose 28mm Colonial Infantry Collection #1 NM. The second is the early Sudan campaigns using 15mm figures along with the Battles for Empire II rules. The most notorious is the quality of the sculpting. The Leading Edge Colonial Marines miniatures are the most complete line of  The Dahomey Wars 1892 - 28mm scale. All our figures are hand-cast from top-quality  TSUBA Miniatures. Our goal is to bring the widest range of Miniatures and Hobby Accessories under one roof. Between the WWII and the RSI range, this company is the most comprehensive stop you'll find covering the Italian forces. Shop with confidence on eBay! Buy Now. BHS 29 from our "British home service" range, makes a good colonial officer. 75 inches (27,5cm), Width (of the hull): 2. 4Ground Miniatures: 28mm Dead Mans Hand: The Sassy Gal Saloon Sub Base. Unfeasibly Miniatures, Tadworth. C4. Again, the washers I used for bases are one-inch across so the ships are in the 1/7000 to 1/10000 range. Hard plastic figures based on 25mm Renedra plastic bases. Nov 17, 2020 · Our 28mm miniature gaming terrain is designed to work with 28mm Warhammer, 28mm Age of Sigmar, Gurp, Blood Bowl, 28mm Privateer Press miniatures and other popular 28mm sci-fi or fantasy games. New, used, and Out-of-Print. Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. SKU AZM-A5. Prices range from $19. The idea was born roughly 17 years earlier, while watching the the movie Nate and Hayes. General Colonial - Askari Miniatures, Bicorne Miniatures Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. 75 inches (7cm), Height: 2. Artizan Designs 28mm; Blue Moon 15 to 18mm; Blue Moon 28mm; Cowboy Wars 28mm; Foundry 28mm; Knucleduster 28mm; Reaper 28mm; Plains Indian War. Perrys Miniatures Pmacw70 Perry Miniatures 28Mm - American Civil War Zouaves Model Soldiers Black Powder Revolutionary War Colonial Militia Men 1:56 Military Details about 28mm Foundry (Colonial Indian) Cavalry with Matchlock Muskets. In 25s, their ranges include: the French Indian Wars, the Italian Wars 1494 – 1544, The Glorious Revolution, Colonial Era Sudan and Napoleonics with Napoleon in Egypt and the Peninsular War. 28mm Construction Site. Due to the nature of the product not suitable for children under 12 years old. Now you can enjoy our 28mm miniatures shop. 99 for the Mosque. Christmas is coming and with the world slowed down due to Covid 19 we really suggest that customers start to look at what they want, especially if you are outside the UK. - colonial wargames - wargames terrain - Balkan wars Mar 24, 2020 · iron mitten: Colonial Marines 28mm. 4. We also make a wide range of products that work with 15mm and 6mm miniature tabletop wargaming rules/systems. Scale Creep Miniatures 828 Davis St. It is an interesting 'mid-point' between the classic 1066 Norman look, and the equally classic mail/surcoat/helm era. WWI - Great War in Africa. Colonial American Civilians [BMM-108] $43. Accessories for Miniature Gaming Blue Moon 28mm Horror. Pre Decommissioning Galactica (Ribbed) Length: 92 mm. interesting martians and even some regular historical troops like the Colonial British  4 Nov 2015 Yet another said “I've got colonial French and Baggara cavalry too”…in the blink of an eye I 28mm Vichy French greens -Perry Miniatures  Offensive Miniatures provides a selection of the very best quality traditional 28mm Metal Wargame Figures for both the wargamer, painter or collector. and Magenta is the new red! A unit of trench raiders for the forces of Angria, the elite of the elite, the hardest hitting and fight BULLETS & BRAINS. Business Tags: 1:48, 1:56, 1:72, 1:76, 1898 Miniaturas, 20mm, 28mm, A Very British Civil War 28mm, American Modern 28mm, American Vietnam War 28mm, American WWII 20mm, American WWII 28mm, Anglo-Zulu War 28mm, Australians Modern 28mm, Australians Vietnam War 28mm, Blitzkrieg Miniatures, Boats Vietnam War 28mm, British AZW 28mm, British Colonial perry, colonial 28mm, sudan, madhist, ansar, wargames factory, zulu, plastic figures, buy online at Great Escape Games, uk, cheap A range of white metal and resin vehicles, guns and figures in 28mm scale. Note that in order to prevent duplication the pictures of the decals are very low resolutio 28mm 1799 Cossacks. Model Designs & Craft Buildings are 25-28mm scale and come assembled and ready to be painted. Our Ranges. The design was influenced by the British Vickers 6-Ton and was based on the modified chassis of the earlier Fiat M11/39. Great War Miniatures The long awaited WW1 range designed by Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews. Categories Love these figures a must for all Viking fans. € 12. 25mm SciFi (Blue Moon) New Products For October Scale Creep Miniatures 828 Davis St. With a catalogue now featuring over 700 different models and terrain pieces spanning dozens of civilizations, periods and geographies, all designed and reproduced to the highest quality possible. Wargames Factory was a plastic miniature manufacturer that opened in 2007. Last Chance to Buy; Contraband; Bundle Deals 28mm; 3D Jul 30, 2012 · Mission to Pingelap: 28mm Colonial Adventure in the Pacific The last variation of "Ponape" came in the form of "Mission to Pingelap". Store; Contact us; Get directions. Our 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi / Steampunk ranges cover everything you might need for this genre. MDF is a wood material that is very easy to work with and extremely durable. United States Scale Creep Miniatures  17 Oct 2017 As a 'historo-fantasy' set of rules and miniatures range based upon World War Two, they once more unleashed Germanic Dwarves and British  Hord of the Things Army · Special Miniatures · Dwarves · Skeleton · Orks · Goblins · Wood Elves · High Elves · Show All FANTASY 15 mm · HISTORICAL 20mm. 28mm Napoleonic Miniatures covering French, British, Spanish and Polish troops from the period 1806-1815, including Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. Arches 28mm; Historical. C3. The model is available also in 1/100 scale. 20 Apr 2019 In this tutorial I show you how to paint Warlord Games Colonial Militia using the Army Painter Painting faces on 28mm historical miniatures. Perry Miniatures 28mm VLW-40 Zulus Shop at Noble Knight Games for Terrain - North Africa/Colonial (28mm) by - part of our Full Inventory collection. had picked up the model online as a possible candidate to use with his Star Wars Legion collection. 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi Female Trench Raiders from Hinterland Miniatures . The TAG miniature range breaks down into 6 basic parts, and although a couple of these, the Modern and the Vietnam ranges, do butt up-to one another, it is perhaps best to consider all the parts separately. C5. 35. COL 10 & 12. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. So if you are fighting on the NWF, or in Africa in WWI, or Mesopotamia or… well, lots of places really, these guys will work for you. US Cavalry; Black Scorpion 28mm. - colonial wargames - wargames terrain - Balkan wars. £300. Suite Up first are two more tiny fleets from Shapeways: original series cylon and colonial fleets. The new Empire In Peril range, depicts the Imperial German Army of Kaiser Wilhelm II in the period 1890 to 1910 This set includes 60 high quality 28mm miniatures. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Miniatures. When the Mk VI was first produced in 1936, the Imperial General Staff considered the tank to be superior to any light tank produced by other nations, and well suited to the dual roles of reconnaissance and colonial warfare. A. See our Mid East Catalogue FootSore Miniatures: 28mm Colonial; FootSore Miniatures: Pulp; Gangs of Rome; Mortal Gods; Test of Honour & Warring Clans; Victrix 28mm Tabletop Miniatures. Our ranges cover a huge expanse of history, from the armies of Alexander the Great to the British Tommies of World War Two. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Historical Miniatures - Historical Miniatures by Era - new, used, out-of-print products Sash and Saber produces high quality 40mm and 28mm military miniatures for wargamers and collectors. More information Colonial marines painted in urban camouflage, keeps the overall theme going, grey base coat with flecks of urban colours with dark grey and blue armour which looks quite cool. View all of the available stock at Old Glory UK. British; Naval Brigade; Egyptians; Dervish; 28mm Desert Terrain. FootSore Miniatures: 28mm Colonial; FootSore Miniatures: Pulp; Gangs of Rome; Mortal Gods; Test of Honour & Warring Clans; Victrix 28mm Tabletop Miniatures. Our ranges cover the period from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century and includes a new French Intervention in Mexico, 1861-67 range. Purchasers have used this kit for Bolt Action, Westerns and fantasy!The barn measures 216mm x 144mm x 136mm high. Colonial Marines 28mm. So far, the range is depicting British and German forces of the Western front during the latter part of WW1. Strategia e Tattica is an Italian company specialising in 28mm Italian soldiers through the ages. £12. Shop with confidence. This box set contains 30 highly detailed multi-part plastic miniatures representing volunteer militia that fought for both freedom and in defense of His Majesty King George. BULLETS & BRAINS. This kit contains Colonial style laser cut windows and doors you can use to build your own scale model buildings for the war gaming table. James Wappel's The Painting Pyramid; Wiley Games. What's New McEwan Minis Aircraft Decals Colonial Wars Vehicle Kits Paper models 1/64 Figures Science Fiction 54mm Figures Contact Us. C2. Plastic figures from Perry Miniatures Zulu and Sudan ranges based on Warlord Games 25mm round lipped bases, and based with cleaned sand and textures from Army Painter. 28mm Zombie: Deadlier Than The Male: WEIRD AT WAR : Alternative WWII: 25/28mm PROHIBITION WARS: 28mm MAXIMILLIAN 1934: Miniaturemen Miniatures: Wayne's World Of Wonder: Rogue Miniatures / Wayne's World: Winter of 79 Living on the Frontline: 20mm: 28mm: Forgotten Front Miniatures 28mm: Great War of the Worlds: Setting The East Using bases from Fenris Games excellent "Sulaco" series (25mm) and the beautiful collection of Woodbine's military Sci-Fi miniatures in 28mm for a pleasing result. Telephone. 95 We build and sell resin cast pre-painted miniature buildings that are ready to use out of the box Colonial Police Product no. 28MM DAMAGED LARGE SINGLE STOREY N118 BOLT ACTION WARLORD GAMES BRAND NEW SENT FIRST CLASS WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR ORDER! Yes, we really are that fast! SUPPLIED UNASSEMBLED AND UNPAINTED IN KIT FORM WITH FULL INSTRUCTIONS Please see our other listings for more Games Workshop, Wargaming Rules, Miniatures and Accessories! PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE OPENING A CASE AS WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO RESOLVE 28mm Wargames miniatures by Steve Barber Models including, American Civil War, Napoleonics, Thirty Years War, Vikings, Romans, Prehistoric Settlement, Market Stall, Animals, World War One and many more. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. WWI - Gallipoli - Palestine. All the history, fantasy and imagination at a click of your table! Sep 18, 2016 · Warlord Games vs Perry Miniatures 28mm Napoleonic figures First I'm not actually competing these figures against each other, more making comparisons between the two sets. Results 1 - 20 of 20 Eureka Miniatures 28mm French Revolutionary War Austrians. It specialized in highly detailed, multi-part models in hard plastic for wargaming. We have also a slightly different model of the same landing craft in 28mm. £6. Here they are, the Colonial Marine Corps. Displaying 21 to 31 (of 31 products) Warlord Games - 28mm American War of Independence Colonial Militia. The game was conceived as a Victorian adventure with miniatures, incorporating roleplaying, set generally in Micronesia. Oldgloryminiatures. 95. War Game Miniatures (28mm), Painted War Game Miniatures (28mm) Additional site Mar 12, 2013 · First up is 21 conquest miniatures 28mm Colonial Rangers. Colonial. These items are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required. £2. the figures are SF2, they come in packs of 10 with 2 heavy weapons and 8 marines in 2 poses firing and advancing so based in groups you can get a good fluid mix of Peter Pig "More Oink" 15mm Figures , Models and Rules for Wargaming 36 Knightsdale Road, Weymouth, Dorset. Sunday, 1 December 2013. These are multipart hard plastic 28mm figures which can be used for the Ninth Cape Frontier War, Zulu War and the First Anglo-Boer War. tBSG Colonial Warships & Support Ships Miniatures . Kits made from 1/8" (3mm) precision laser cut MDF. Top level > 28mm Terrain > French and Indian Wars (28mm) These fort palisade sections are based on original drawings by Benjamin Franklin during the French-Indian Wars and make an impressive terrain piece when on the table! Vickers Light Tank VB - 28mm 1/56 Scale . At Unfeasibly, we design & produce highly accurate, true scale (1/56) 28mm miniatures in white metal (pewter), for wargames, modellers, collectors and commercial use (subject to the terms of our Commercial License). Shop at Noble Knight Games for Historical Miniatures - new, used, out-of-print products Home > MINIATURES > Terrain > BY PRODUCT LINE > 4Ground > 28mm Colonial Price: $109. 28mm British Colonial Highlanders, Painted, Finished Hard Plastic FiguresTwelve assembled, painted and finished hard plastic figures from Perry Miniatures. 28mm victorian miniatures wargaming wargames sci-fi steampunk tanks. The doors are 2. para la web  28mm Ancient; 28mm Medieval; 28mm Crusades; 28mm Renaissance; 28mm Napoleonic; 28mm American Civil War; 28mm Colonial; 28mm Fantasy - SALE! FGR28S-SLD-DW-110 [5060486910083] - 4Ground Miniatures: 28mm Colonial Fort. VLW 20 British Zulu War Infantry. World Wide Delivery. We are a UK based company making 28mm sized metal figures, all designed and sculpted by Mark Sims. $20. For more on miniature wargaming visit http 28mm Naval and Amphibious warfare in the age of Nelson. Painted with Army Painter, Citadel and Vallejo paints. The Hell Divers are an elite fighting force of the Federal Special Forces, 5th Orbital Activities Division. I am collector, painter and converter of 1/32 (54mm) and 1/72 (20mm) and 28mm military figures, based in England. Created by Lawrence Bradley Hitze. 5 figures per pack. 28mm Black Powder- Colonial Militia Men 1776-1783 (30) (Plastic) $32. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. We produce highly accurate, true scale (1/56) 28mm miniatures for wargames, The range includes Tuaregs, who resisted the French colonial invasion of their  Warlord games produces lines of 28mm miniatures for the armies of WWII Warlord Miniatures produce lines of 28mm miniatures for Ancient to Colonial  Buy British East Africa - King's African Rifles Mixed Set (28mm) - Colonial Mini from Reviresco - part of our ' Historical Miniatures - Historical Miniatures by Era  Oniria Miniatures main goal is to rise the QUIALITY and REALISM of 28mm MINIATURES of historical figures to higher levels. Perry Miniatures Miniatures 28mm Options Table Top & Historical Wargames, Perry Miniatures Napoleonic 28mm Options Table Top & Historical Wargames, Perry Miniatures Medieval 28mm Options Table Top & Historical Wargames, 28mm WW2 Miniature, Miniatures Table Historicals Wargames 28mm Options, Perry Miniatures Table Top/Historical, Jacklex Miniatures manufactures and sells fine cast 20mm metal figures, artillery and equipment for wargames, collecting and dioramas. Our PURPOSE. There look to be two types of battle stars (three smaller and two bigger). The parts are made from resin and are 28mm heroically scaled. The initial release covered the three types of infantry (line, carabiniers and grenadiers) and we've expanded on that to cover cavalry and MG teams. Our buildings are unique in that their roofs lift off so that you can view and use the interior, as well as at times the flooring between levels is removable so you can really get "into" your building. Unfortunately it's just a bit too small to fit well with the scale-creep 32mm figures produced for that game which meant that he's just about right for my collection of true-28mm Wizards of the Coast "Star Wars Steve has worked in the hobby since the dawn of Dungeons and Dragons way back in the 70's, visit his online presence and view his creations in vibrant colour, possibly even stopping long enough to buy a few online. Naval Guns. 28mm British Colonial Home / 28mm Wargaming Items / Perry Miniatures 28mm VLW-20 British Infantry 1877-1881 (Zulu War) £20. com. Aug 18, 2012 · 28mm Colonial Building, Rorkes Drift Finished I've stuck with the colour schemes and i'm pretty chuffed with how this has turned out. £20. (All Ranges & Periods) 28mm Warband Offers; 28mm "Supply Train": Carts, Wagons & Baggage Colonial Miniatures | 28mm Miniature Figures - Askari Minis : Italian Colonial Army - French Army of Africa Animals & Equipment Artillery North Africans Accessories & Rules Italian Colonial Army Central Asians Ethiopian Army Spanish Colonial Army Personalities Russian Colonial Army Turkish Army Askari Adventures German Colonial Army Sailors Hereros World War II Empress Miniatures of Empress Miniatures writes: Today's release is seven packs of 28mm British infantry for our Jazz Age Imperialism range. Any adhesive that you would use with wood will work fine with MDF, for example Elmers Wood Glue. Nov 01, 2020 · 196 28mm AWI 99 28mm SCW 40 28mm Ancients 12 28mm WW1 81 15mm Naps 24 20mm Vietnam 127 28mm WW2 Total In 522 Figures Painted 101 28mm SCW 127 28mm WW2 112 15mm Naps 66 Starfleet ACTA 86 28mm WW1 54 28mm AWI 220 20mm Vietnam Total Out 766 The Lead Mountain decreased by 155 :-) Welcome McEwan Minis Aircraft Decals Colonial Wars Vehicle Kits Paper models 1/64 Figures Science Fiction 54mm 28mm Figures for scale only supplied separatley Standard Games (28mm miniatures) Dark Sword Miniatures (28mm miniatures) GHQ (1:285 vehicles and 10mm figures) Mainforce (our 1:285 range) Hallmark (1:6000 & 1:1250 ships & more) C. 00 - The model measures 22cm x 23cm x 25cm For more details: Feb 7, 2017 - Iron Duke Miniatures - Inspiration - Iron Duke Miniatures, Wargames Figures Stone Mountain Miniatures 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, & 25mm Flags Give Your Troops Authentic Battle Flags to March Under! Stone Mountain Miniatures paper flag sets cover periods from the English Civil War to the Colonial Wars. I have painted these as two groups of 6 and one group of 8 with a single officer as per the rules for Muskets and Tomahawks. We are now back to normal and shipping orders daily. German Colonial Rifles. Quantity: Price: $194. We work with some of the most famed historical miniature sculptors , which allow us to offer a quality that can equal to bigger scale figures. War Zone Europe 28mm; Rising Sun 28mm; 15mm Scale. Baueda (15mm & 28mm) Chariot Miniatures (our 15mm ranges) Polly Oliver (15mm AWI) Blood Dawn (our 15mm/20mm fantasy) Lead Adventure (28mm miniatures) Navigator Miniatures (our 28mm ranges) Standard Games (28mm miniatures) Dark Sword Miniatures (28mm miniatures) GHQ (1:285 vehicles and 10mm figures) Mainforce (our 1:285 range) Stan Johansen Miniatures Lines 28mm Jihad Moderns, Steampunk, Road Warriors, 28mm Colonials 20mm Boxer Rebellion, Moderns and Road Warriors, 15mm SF. We strive to design authentic figures of various historical armies suitable for the collector, wargamer or hobbyist. We are an Internet based, 28mm sized, white-metal, historical wargames, miniature manufacturer & mail-order specialist retailer. Every Colonial wargamer wants to play Isandlwana but it is very difficult, unless you are a painting machine like Eric the Shed, to field enough Zulus. The best miniatures at the best price. Hello. 28mm Hard plastic figures requir assembly and painting. Brigade Games VSF miniatures by Paul Hicks; Selling off my Ral partha colonials; Ironclad Miniatures VSF for MHWBK; Black Tree Design miniature 28mm Colonials miniatures; Artizan Designs Colonial British miniatures View all of the available stock at Old Glory UK. 28mm Crescent & The Cross. Daihatsu-class landing craft 1:56 (28mm) 1:56 (28mm) Length: 10. Price: 12 USD . By way of an introduction to our forth coming range of 28mm 1799 Russians figures for the Wars of the French Revolution we thought we would get everyone in the mood by first releasing the Cossacks. 28mm Ancient; 28mm Medieval; 28mm Crusades; 28mm Renaissance; 28mm Napoleonic; 28mm American Civil War; 28mm Colonial; 28mm Fantasy - SALE! 28mm Horses & Mounts (all periods) 28mm Weapons, Equipment, War Machines, Guns etc. Fistfull of Lead; Fistfull of Lead Galactic Heroes; Fistfull 28mm Colonial. K 28mm; Zaibatsu 28mm; Hive Construct 28mm; Historical. 1898 Miniatures (2) Black Tree Design (3) Empress Miniatures (1) Essex Miniatures (1) Eureka Miniatures (1) Gringo 40's (6) As readers of this blog will recall, I have always loved the old 28mm line of German Colonial figures once produced by the Honourable Lead Boilersuit Company. Home > 28mm TERRAIN > Buildings > Colonial and Empire If you want to bring enlightenment to the natives, search through the dark heart of Africa or fight for your freedom against the European oppressors this range of buildings and terrain allows you to quickly put together the terrain you need to make your game a memorable experience. Showing all 1 result The first is The Northwest Frontier using 28mm figures and The Sword and the Flame rules. ©2020 Dixon Miniatures Site Designed & Hosted by militiadesign. Apache; Blue Moon 15 to English store supplies: 10mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm white metal wargames figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia, including 15mm AB Figures. 00 + P&P - UK: £7. WWI - Western Front. Big thank you to Ben Calvert Lee for all the sculpting work. Although we have officially dated these as 1799 for Suvarov’s campaign, and other Russian armies of that year, these miniatures can be employed as Cossacks in any campaign during the latter half of the 18th Century and onwards into the Napoleonic Wars. Aug 12, 2011 · 28mm Scale Fields A nice corn field to hide your troops in colonial (10) Crimean War (3) Dark Age (7) Irregular Miniatures WWI; Colonial British July (1 Jul 28, 2017 · Hi guys Some 28mm US Marines finished on commission, these lovely figures are from Eureka Miniatures, great sculpts, good poses, and the anatomy is pretty spot on, first time I have painted Marine MARPAT camo, the trick with any camo, is does it look realistic from 2 foot away, and these turned out great, all comments welcome. Conscript Dave V. Highly detailed War Gaming Figures, Military Miniatures, Model Trees, Scenery, Scale Model Buildings Wargames Factory 28mm: Colonial British Soldiers. Description. 35  Bicorne Miniatures are suppliers of quality 28mm white metal miniatures to the home and commercial markets. Wargames Factory produced models mostly in the 28 millimetres (1. Knocked off a little painting a couple weeks ago this 3D print of The Mandalorian, star of the eponymous Disney+ Star Wars TV show. 00 USA & Canada: £16. Digital rocks! Contains the following:-10 Heads-10 Torsos-10 Pairs of FREE Miniature! From November 14th until December 31st ALL orders over £50 (before postage) will receive a FREE Walt miniature from our Survivors range! Historical Ranges. 28mm SciFi. All the parts are fully modular and will also mix perfectly with any other Mad Robot parts or kits. Figures not included. System Sci-Fi 28mm; Sci-Fi Antares 28mm; Sci-Fi: Legion 35mm; Fantasy. Variants supplied randomly. DT4 0HS. Back to our regular random bonus freebies for November Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. Drabant Miniatures. The London War Room Figures, vehicles, naval guns & shipboard armaments, as well as Parroom Station miniatures. Welcome to our new website! We have eventually entered the 21st century! We hope you enjoy looking around the site. We have started to reintroduce the Sikh Wars, 1st Afghan War and Northwest Frontier ranges to the website. Mar 28, 2017 · 28mm Colonial Japanese miniature I figure that these figures would fit into the MWWBK era. 25mm Aliens (1st Corps) 25mm Colonial Troopers (1st Corp. Ancients; Dark Ages; Flags and Transfers; Wargames Atlantic; Painting Classes. Produced in Scotland by Alternative Armies under agreement the Bradley Miniatures 6mm range of miniatures. The Dahomey Wars 1892 - 28mm scale. GrandManner are the leading specialists in 28mm scale resin models and terrain for wargamers and collectors. I got these cleaned up and based whilst watching Dancing on Ice with the family yesterday (that Emily Atack is a finely wrought young woman, I have to say). At the moment we're concentrating on the Belgian Army of 1914 with their distinctive uniforms. As I’m a home during this time of crisis I had a bit of extra time to finish them off. Producers of 28mm wargame miniatures. Waterloo Campaign 1815 Ligny church 28mm scratch built. Warzone In 15mm; Other. most remarkable military organisations in colonial history & their redoubtable enemies the French Foreign legion who  28mm British colonial mounted troopers by empress miniatures | Toys & Games, Wargames & Role-Playing, Table Top/Historical | eBay! 6 Jan 2020 Offers 28mm miniatures for its board game, several factions are Offers 28 mm high figurines for the colonial period as well as World War II. 28mm Figure Manufacturer with lots of Colonial era ranges. Painting Archive; Just Played 28mm MDF Kits. We offer 3  28002CB Sandbag AT Gun Emplacement. All of our products are cast in lead-free pewter, which costs a bit more to make and sell, but provides our customers with an extremely safe and durable material to work with (and who can put a price on peace of mind?). positions, 1 officer 1 randon inf. Confederate Forces; Union Forces; Perry Miniatures 28mm. We currently ship to more than 35 countries. Standard packs have 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures WELCOME TO THE BACCUS 6MM SITE Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Mirliton SG :: 25/28 mm miniatures for collectors and wargames, Miniature gallery, Grenadier fantasy miniatures, Fantasy warriors 28mm Late 12th Century: 13th Century Feudal/Medieval: Achaemenid Persians: Anglo-Danish: Arabs : Avars: Central Asian City-States: Chaco War: Chichimecs: Chinantecs: Early Imperial Roman, 2nd C. Old Glory Corporation Institute House New Kyo Stanley County Durham DH9 7TJ; Telephone: +44 (0)1207 283332 Twelve British Colonial Infantry 28mm Perry Miniatures Plastic MiniaturesTwelve painted, based and finished hard plastic figures from Perry Miniatures. 28mm colonial miniatures

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